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Nursing FAQ


What shifts are available at McLeod Health?

Most nursing units offer 12 hour shifts as scheduled, every other weekend and rotating holiday coverage. We have day, night and day/night rotation. There are some areas that offer evenings or day/evening rotation. Flexible scheduling options are available based on unit need and individual request.  

Is physical support available for the bedside nurse?

Bedside units offer directorial support as well as Patient Care Supervisors (PCS). The role of the PCS is to oversee the flow of the unit to include support of staff members at the bedside. In addition, many units have a Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM). The role of the CNM is to manage clinical care for our patients. They serve as the clinical expert on their given assigned unit, and support patient care by serving as the consistent link among the healthcare team. Our unlicensed staff attend medical/surgical technician training and are validated in certain procedures such as phlebotomy, obtaining EKGs, simple dressing changes, etc.

What is McLeod's patient to nurse ratio?

Patient to nurse ratio varies based on unit flow and inpatient acuity. Average patient to nurse ratios in medical/surgical is 5 to 1 or 6 to 1. Average patient to nurse ratio in critical care is 1 to 1 or 2 to 1.

What kind of Orientation will I have at McLeod?

McLeod Health offers a unique orientation experience. Your first week will be spent with an educator in a state-of-the-art Skills Lab validating required competencies. Following competency validation, the remainder of orientation will be unit specific, working side by side with a preceptor focusing on time management, prioritizing skills and social integration into the unit. During orientation, you will learn to document in McLeod's user friendly electronic documentation system. In order to promote patient and nurse safety we also utilize a bar coded medication delivery system that interfaces with a medication distribution system. This is taught in orientation as well.

What systems are in place to give nursing practice a voice at McLeod?

In addition to daily collegial relationships, Professional Nurses at McLeod have three primary structured forums to impact overall nursing practice at McLeod. The Nursing Care Leadership Forum is a forum comprised of staff nurses representing each nursing unit. They meet monthly with the CNO to collaborate and advocate for nursing practice at McLeod. Nursing Care Improvement Council meets twice monthly and is comprised of nursing leaders whose focus is on quality of nursing practice. The Nursing Directors Council also meets twice monthly to discuss issues and ideas related to various topics of nursing. These three groups, comprised of staff nurses and nursing leaders, complete a continuous cycle of communication and assurance of quality nursing practice at McLeod Health.

Does McLeod offer a student nurse program?

McLeod Health offers a Nurse Extern Program that consists of three levels:

  • Extern I (Sitter) - The Nurse Extern 1 is for students who have been accepted into a nursing program and are currently enrolled in Fundamentals of Nursing Course.  CPR certification is required.
  • Extern II - The Nurse Extern II level is for students who have completed the Fundamentals of Nursing course and have been validated in sterile technique.
  • Extern III - The Nurse Extern III level is for students who are in the final two semesters of their senior year of nursing.  Students must have successfully completed one semester of Medical/Surgical clinical nursing.