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We believe Nursing is an art and a science. The Nursing Profession is interested in the interaction and well being of the individual patient, significant other and family, as they move through the life cycle. We believe Nursing is built on professionals who are present and future oriented, situational and humanistic as they utilize the problem solving processes. We believe care to the patients must be competent, safe, individualized and holistic.

We believe learning is a life-long process and are committed to providing opportunities for nurses to remain current in evidence-based practices. We believe evidence-based practice is an important component in the advancement of nursing practice. We believe the staff has accountability to remain current and competent in the skills needed to meet patient care needs. We further believe it is our responsibility to assist with research projects appropriate to our environment.

Through Patricia Benner’s Novice to expert theory, the nurse will be responsible for developing a practice that supports, prioritizes and creates an environment of learning for the next generation. We create this environment for the novice nurse cultivating their skills as they become the expert. We believe it is the responsibility of Nursing leaders to set goals with each staff member cultivating professional growth. We are committed to serving as an institution that facilitates the continuing education of all nurses. We further believe qualified staff who are interested and have demonstrated positive results in improving outcomes, avoiding complications, showing expertise and demonstrating proficiency in use of state of the art technology should be considered for promotions within the organization. We encourage involvement with professional nursing organizations that enrich the nurse professionally.


We believe the patient and their preferred support system are key partners in designing their individual plan of care in a patient-centered, culturally diverse supported environment. Utilizing Madeline Leininger’s Transcultural Theory, we believe that everyone should be cared for based on respect and appreciation for the individuality and diversity of the specific patient’s needs. We believe all patients should be cared for equally regardless of their socio-economic status. Our culture focuses on patient-centeredness, which has many factors, playing an equally vital role as the patient transitions in care. This interdisciplinary approach engages: the health care team, the patient, the significant other and family in exploring both the patient’s disease and illness.


We believe a clear definition of role expectations, a safe work environment, timely feedback related to performance, and administrative support to carry out nursing duties are important. By providing a Just Culture led by nursing, we believe we are responsible for quality outcomes in a highly skilled, competent manner delivered in a compassionate, kind approach, as set by the McLeod Service Excellence Standards. We further believe nurses are responsible for conserving and appropriately utilizing hospital resources and contributing to cost effective care, by making practical use of lean methodology to include: standard work and visual management tools. We support our nurses voice in process change by their involvement in improvement methodology. We believe by providing Nursing Excellence as defined, patients will receive best practices by qualified professionals, thus fulfilling McLeod Health’s mission.